Law Enforcement Training in Albuquerque

matsLaw enforcement professionals put themselves in harm’s way consistently to protect and serve. In an age when police activity is being critically scrutinized, it’s important for these individuals to protect themselves to the fullest, without generating ire. In this way, law enforcement Krav Maga in Albuquerque, NM is a critical skill to learn.

Action Martial Arts offers a number of classes dedicated to law enforcement self-defense in Albuquerque, NM. We teach police officers and other professionals how to leverage combat in a life-preserving way, to protect themselves and subdue assailants, without having to draw a firearm. Krav Maga is very effective training for police, FBI agents, SWAT teams, Corrections Officers and other government law enforcement individuals.

Special law enforcement classes

Self-defense for a law enforcement officer is different than it is for a civilian because there are many more rules and regulations involved when it comes to what counts as self-defense. We understand these differences and have worked in tandem with law enforcement agencies to teach Krav Maga in a manner that’s appropriate for use in these delicate situations.
Law enforcement officers are welcome to attend any classes we host, however, our special class for law enforcement is offered on Sundays and we require proper, active identification for participants.

matsThrough our specialized law enforcement classes, officers will focus on how to disarm attackers in the safest way possible. Classes include stretching, warm up and techniques dealing with weapons and some hand-to-hand combat. The goal is to have law enforcement defuse a potentially violent situation without drawing a gun. Training can also be tailored to specific concerns, such as knives.


  • $10 per class
  • $40 for the month


Sunday: 3pm – 5pm (Law Enforcement Only)
For more information about law enforcement Krav Maga in Albuquerque, NM or to inquire about participation, please contact us today by calling 505-507-3827.